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Rain Water Tanks

The Ranbuild Sheds Bega team can provide you with the right tank for your water needs, right through the Bega Valley including Merimbula & Eden and up to Bermagui & Narooma.

We have a large range of underground and above ground water tanks to suit most domestic and rural requirements and are the perfect match for your Onga or DAB pump.

Install a rainwater tank and enjoy:

  • Reduced water consumption
  • Wash the car or boat
  • Water the garden
  • Flush the toilet
  • Reduce gray water waste
  • Water livestock
  • Reduce storm water damage
  • Store emergency water

Rural water tanks are available from 5,600L to 45,000L in capacity & are available in a selection of colours & styles to suit most exterior settings. All water tanks are manufactured from UV stabilised food grade polyethylene.

  • One piece moulded tank - no join line
  • High resistance to impact
  • Built to suit Australia's harshest conditions
  • Relocate-able (No sand base required)

Installation of water tanks

Please ensure that all points are taken into consideration before accepting delivery of your water tank.

  1. Ensure that the tank site is flat, level & free from any rocks or stones etc, or any other foreign matter that may damage the tanks base.
  2. If fill is used to prepare or level the site, ensure that the surface is well compacted to eliminate any soft spots.
  3. Ensure the water tanks location site is at least 600mm larger in diameter than the tank, i.e. tank diameter 3.7m, tank site location 4.3m.
  4. Ensure a flexible connection at least 300mm in length is fitted between the tank outlet valve and the down stream piping.
  5. Tie down and secure water tanks on delivery either by tying down with rope or putting at least 100mm of water in tank.
  6. Tank outlets must not be subjected to any extra force, e.g. over-tightened.
  7. Overflow must be piped away from base.
  8. The number of inlet pipes, their sizes and capacities must equal the number of overflow pipes, their sizes and capacities.
  9. Do not allow the tank site to deteriorate after installation due to any form of erosion or site destruction caused by vermin such as rabbits and cane toads etc.
  10. If the water tank is partially sunk in the ground, ensure the tank base is buried no more than 600mm below ground level.
  11. Upright storage tanks must be supported on a site that adequately supports the bottom of the water tank.